Too Little Too Late

Too Little Too Late

Full w Lyrical Female Vox

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Too Little Too Late Full w Lyrical Female Vox
Country Honky Tonk
120 BPM
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Track Details:

  • Filename

    ALIBI-Too Little Too Late_Full w Lyrical Female Vox

  • Writer/Publisher

    Darius Holbert (ASCAP) 100% / Alibi Generator (ASCAP)

  • Style


  • Mood

    Confident Mellow Playful Warm

  • Mix

    Vocal Mix, Full

  • Release Year


  • BPM


  • Key


  • Category

    Advertising, Contemporary Music, Horror, Reality TV / Docudrama, Songs, Trailers / Promos

  • Subcategory

    Americana, Cinematic, Confident, Country / Americana, Dark Drama, Halloween, Horror, Horror / Thriller, Playful, Pop, Retro, RomCom, Songs, Songs For Ads, Southern


Honky tonk country traditional warm southern slow mellow soft downtempo gentle pleasant warming laid back drums percussion electric guitar guitars bass piano female vocals lyrical lyrics too little too late advertising Warm Mellow Country Southern Advertising Advertising Contemporary Music Reality TV / Docudrama Songs Americana Confident Country / Americana Songs Songs for Ads Southern vox Trailers / Promos RomCom Vocalist Cinematic Dark Drama Pop Halloween Horror / Thriller Horror Playful Retro


Too little too late stayed up all night longdrank bottle of wine'and cried whiled waited 'too little too late Too little too lateno message or phone call you stumble in again wearin'that grin on your faceit's too little too late ' a' woman with prideand know how to keep my life in line With tears in my eyes, 'll still be saying, I'm doing just fine.' never imagined you come around after all it time wondering' if i'm contented, 'have you been replacedit's too little too lateonce was you rsnow found some body new hope you 've moved onand foun'the perfect lady As for me, it's' too little too late' I'm woman with pride'i know how to keep my life in linewith tears in my eyes, 'll still be saying' I'm doing just fine'
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