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Affiliate Program Features


25% Commission

The more your audience spends on ALIBI licenses and subscriptions, the more you earn. Simple as that.


90-Day Tracking Cookie

We use cookies to ensure you’re credited for purchases made up to 90 days after someone uses your link.


Pro Marketing Materials

Get your hands on high-quality logos, icons, graphics, and banners that add value and draw attention to your channels.


24/7 Support

We couldn’t do this without you. Anything you need, at any step of the way, we’ll be right alongside to assist.

Who Makes An Awesome ALIBI Affiliate?

Youtubers make great ALIBI Affiliates


You probably already know the formula. Drop a mention at the beginning of your video, slap your link down in the description and profit.

Podcasters make great ALIBI Affiliates


Whether it’s a slow-read of your custom URL or a loud declaration of your love for ALIBI Music, give your listeners more of what they love as an ALIBI affiliate.

Streamers make great ALIBI Affiliates


Donos and Super Chats are a decent start, but hooking up viewers with your custom affiliate link will take your side hustle over the top.

Bloggers make great ALIBI Affiliates


As an ALIBI affiliate, you’ll be adding even more value to your articles, solidifying your role as a thought leader in the eyes of your readers.

Educators make great ALIBI Affiliates


Teaching creative and/or multimedia courses? Empower your students by hooking them up with an


Affiliate Program FAQs

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