There’s No Excuse Not to Find the Perfect Audio

You know that crippling feeling when thousands of options are available to choose from? It’s called decision fatigue. But with our powerful search and filtering capabilities, finding the perfect music and SFX in our robust catalog is fast, easy and dare we say refreshing.

Whatever Your Style of Search, ALIBI's Got Your Back


Search by Catalog

Use the catalog filter to choose between ALIBI Music (our most expansive song catalog), Trailer FX (high-quality sound effects), or Game Loops.


Search by Instrument

Electric guitar, snare drums, piano or xylophone. If you have an instrument in mind, give it a search. Most of our files are labeled by lead instrument.


Search by Era

From 60s soul, to 80s pop rock, to modern songs and FX, search by era to capture the sound of a generation.


Search by Mood

Looking for something happy, sad, dark, intriguing or playful? Search by mood to elicit the exact emotion your project needs.


Search By Tempo

Make hearts pound with a very fast tempo or set a calm tone with a slow tempo. Whatever you’re searching for, our catalog is up to speed.


Search By Length

Cut down your search results by filtering for tracks over 30 seconds. Or limit your results to short cuts and bumpers by filtering for tracks under 31, 16 or 5 seconds.


Search By BPM

While tempo search is a more subjective approach, BPM (beats per minute) enables you to search an objective measurement of speed and pace.


Search by Tap Tempo

Better yet, simply click or tap the approximate BPM you're going for & let ALIBI's robust search engine do the rest.


Search by Lyric

Interested in adding songs with lyrics to your video project? Try doing a simple lyric search to see tracks that contain the words you’re looking for.


Use Negative Search

When your search field is still too crowded, add a hyphen before any search term to exclude it from results. For example, -drums will remove all results tagged with “drums”.


Search by Phrase

Looking for something ultra specific? Simply add quotation marks around any group of words to generate results that match your phrase exactly. ie. “Hip Hop Cello”


Refine Your Searches

While browsing any of our catalogs, you can further refine and drill down your search by clicking the + or - on individual terms in the results columns.

So Many Ways to Mix One Track

Virtually all of our files include alternate mixes and stems you can use separately or in tandem to create the perfect audio for your project.

Full Mix

Includes all instruments & clearly labels the lead instrument in the name.


A stem is an isolated instrument track from any given piece of music.

Instrumental Mix

An instrumental version of a track that features vocals.

Rhythm Mix

A mix of the track with no lead instruments.

Sparse Mix + Spare Rhythm Mix

A mix of the track with no drums, or with no drums and no leads.

Radio Edit

A mix that sounds just like a track on the radio - perfect for live video & game streamers.

Video Game Mix

A game loop structured for audio middleware, with clear downbeats & pauses.

Time Length Options

30-, 15-, and 5-second versions of every type of mix.

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Embrace the Negative

Embrace The Negative

Negative Search allows you to quickly narrow music search results by eliminating keywords for the particular elements you don’t want. Whether that means cutting out a sub-genre, instrument type, tempo, length or several such elements, a

can boil hundreds of possible results into a page or two depending on how far you take it.

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Browse Playlists, Albums & New Releases

To find timely and unique audio, just check out our

. We regularly release playlists by genre, style and sub-genre. You’ll even find collections specifically for trailers, advertising, promos, programming and more.

And for the newest releases each week, visit the

to browse by release date. With the ability to filter by category and sub-category, finding the perfect match for your productions and projects is easy.

Mixing Custom Music in Studio

Go Off Menu with ALIBI Custom Audio

Maybe you’d like something custom for your trailers, promos, score packages or covers. We got your back!

We work closely with an international team of talented composers and songwriters, each hand-selected based on their projects and genre specialties.

Custom Music Search Licensing

Leave the Search to Us

Trouble finding exactly what you need? With ALIBI's Music Supervisors, we’ll curate a custom playlist of tracks for your consideration. For Premium Access users, our experienced music supervisors are at your service from London to Los Angeles, Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. EST to 9 p.m. EST.

If you’re not already a Premium Access user, let us know. One of our creative licensing specialists can get in touch to ensure your needs are covered.

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Drill Down to Specifics with File Data

We’re a tad obsessive about data. Every single ALIBI audio file (including alternate mixes and stems) is individually metadata’d and scrubbed of irrelevant keywords to enable more precise search results.

At the request of production companies and networks, we can deliver full sheets of catalog data in any format you require. Plus, each audio file contains over 400 columns of data that can be parsed down and organized based on your system requirements.

Cue Sheet Generator

Generate Cue Sheets Automatically

Sure, you could submit a cue sheet for everything you use and how you use it. Or you could make life easy by using our Cue Sheet Generator. Just upload an EDL, have a cue sheet generated automatically and submit to the proper performance rate organization.

Get Unbridled Accessibility to Catalogs

There are several ways you and your affiliates can access ALIBI audio files and data.

Through Our Website

The most intuitive licensed music & SFX search.


Access audio files from your network.

Internal Server Transfer

We make syncing simple.

By Hard Drive

For networks & trailer houses.

Through an API

For instant & ongoing updates.

Internal Search Systems

Like Filmtrack, Protunes, Netmix, Soundminer & others.

In Multiple Formats

Including AIFF, WAV, MXF and MP3.

Ask About Accessibility

We’ll make it easy.

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