Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll

Full w Lyrical Male Vox

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Rock and Roll Full w Lyrical Male Vox
128 BPM
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Track Details:

  • Filename

    ALIBI-Rock and Roll_Full w Lyrical Male Vox

  • Writer/Publisher

    Jonathan Shulman (ASCAP) 50% - Mitchell Conwell (ASCAP) 50% / Alibi Generator (ASCAP)

  • Style


  • Mood

    Confident Poignant Sad Upbeat Warm

  • Mix

    Vocal Mix, Full

  • Release Year


  • BPM


  • Key


  • Category

    Advertising, Contemporary Music, Corporate, Songs

  • Subcategory

    Confident, Electronic, Poignant, Pop, Rock, Songs


Club pop modern electronic dance driving vibrant emotive emotional poignant sad heartfelt warm drums beats percussion synth arpeggios bass pads piano electric guitar guitars choir organ strings staccato lyrical lyrics male vocals rock and roll advertising Warm Poignant Sad Emotive Rock Pop Electronic Advertising Advertising Contemporary Music Corporate Reality TV/Docudrama Songs Confident Electronic Electronic/EDM Pop Pop/Rock/Electro Songs upbeat vox Vocalist Solemn Wistful Melancholy Melancholic Contemplative


I've been waking up early The Other side of sunrise it was the time that we'd turn in Devoting our lives to the night now know what we're missing At least we tasted the fruit with the Poison't fell apart in the rain washed away with another season Tell me how it all slipped away Tell me how it all got much too easy Forget each other more every day It's been another year but you haven't seen me Used to party all night But We don't rock and roll anymore My Collar wrapped tight No We don't rock and roll anymore wan'to know what I'm feeling How do process my old life Dark an'the me mory distant Never noticin'time passing by
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