All Alibi Affiliates are required to complete agreement and remain in compliance with these terms.

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Last Modified: May 15, 2021

1. Commission Rates. You receive a percentage commission on each ecommerce Customer Transaction on the Alibi Music website within 90 days of the Customer’s first visit to

by way of an Affiliate Link from your website. There is no limit to the number of Commissions during the 90 days based on the number of Customer Transactions made by the Customer during that time period.. The percentage Commission paid to you is twenty-five (25%) percent of the Customer Transaction, excluding any taxes levied by a government body with jurisdiction over the transaction. Music licenses available on the Alibi Music website include fixed price subscriptions and standard licenses by song or sound effect. Depending on the use of the track, license fees vary. The highest fee available for ecommerce licensing on the Alibi Music website is $5,000.

For example, if you refer a Customer and within the first 90 days of their first visit to the Alibi Music website and they purchase a license for a national television commercial for one track for 6 months via ecommerce, the license fee is $2,000. You will receive $500, 25% of that license fee. If the same Customer returns to purchase a second license for the same amount via ecommerce within the 90 days, you will receive another $500.

If the Customer you refer to the Alibi website purchases an Indie Subscription on a monthly payment basis ($19 per month) only the first monthly payment of a subscription qualifies as a Customer Transaction for which a Commission is paid. If the Customer you refer purchases a one year Small Business subscription you will receive $99.75 (25% of $399).

2. Limitations:

a. For purchase commissions, you will receive commission on sales made by a new customer for 90 days from the customer’s first visit to the Alibi website , provided that the customer is not in an active sales process with Alibi at the time of the affiliate link click.

b. Affiliate links may rely on cookies to track referrals. Therefore, if cookies get cleared, we may not be able to track these events.

c. The cookie window is 90 days from clicking your affiliate link.

d. Only affiliate links can be used to track referrals. Incorrect use of affiliate links will cause inability to track referrals.

e. Fraudulent or stolen attribution is a non-payable event. If we suspect fraud (for example, if we see that signups are all from the same city or IP address) we may require you to prove that the referrals are valid.

There are a number of other limitations that may result in commission not being paid - we encourage you to read the Alibi Music Affiliate Program Agreement for more information on this.

3. Attribution. In the event a single customer clicks two different affiliate links, the last affiliate gets the credit. We do, however, reserve the right to modify this in certain circumstances.

Promoting Alibi

Alibi Branding


Use our name properly. Alibi is an English word, pronounced A-luh-bai. The word means: A claim or piece of evidence that one was elsewhere when an act is alleged to have taken place. Just as an alibi backs up an accused person’s story, Alibi’s music backs up the stories of our clients.

Sadly, Alibi does not translate well and is frequently pronounced Ah – lee- bee.

Use the Alibi mark, social media content and other resources found in the Assets section of your Alibi Music affiliate account

Do Not:

Use false or misleading statements on the benefits of using Alibi.

Modify or adjust the Alibi wordmark or logo in any sort of marketing material you might create, including the creation of any visual badges or dual-logo lockups.

1. What to call yourself

Do: Say you’re an “Alibi Music Affiliate”.

Do Not: Refer to yourself as a Partner or that you’ve “partnered with Alibi Music.” This includes press releases, references in videos, listings on your website, or in any other marketing material you may be using.

2. Buying Ads

You will not purchase ads that direct to your site(s) or through an affiliate link that could be considered as competing with Alibi’s own advertising, including, but not limited to, our branded keywords. If running ads, you need to direct the ad to your own website (and not to

3. FTC Compliance

You must be FTC compliant and disclose in a clear way before the affiliate link that you will receive commission if someone clicks through and purchases.