Alibi Music Smart Tip: Using Our Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Jonathan Parks

From Day 1, our M.O. at ALIBI has been to do whatever we can to make the lives of video editors easier when it comes to production music and sound effects. Bringing our library directly into their editing environment seemed like a no-brainer in fulfilling this mission, so we were thrilled to launch our own

earlier this year.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out yet, what the hell is wrong with you? OK, totally kidding about that, but really -- all joking aside – here are three reasons why you should install ALIBI’s extension for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Reason #1 – You get ALIBI’s incredibly intuitive site functionality at your fingertips without leaving Premiere Pro.

This means searching, licensing and working with our entire catalog – some 250,000+ audio files, including stems, alt versions & mixes – using the same powerful search tools found on our new site. Whether it be negative search, filtering or the Power Player (among other features), it’s all there right within your edit session, which makes finding the perfect track a piece of cake… or pie… whatever you like, really.

Watch a quick

on our extension voiced by ALIBI’s very own Paul Ortiz.

Reason #2 – ALIBI’s extension is not just a replica of our website. It’s that and MORE.

Most production music library extensions are simply bringing their website in through the application. While it may feel like it’s a part of the editing environment, this is really no different than having a web browser open with the library’s site on it. In developing our own extension, we wanted to truly be a part of the Adobe Premiere Pro app, so we could interact with it to make editors’ lives easier.

As an example, ALIBI’s extension allows you to directly download audio files right into your project. Once you’ve found the music or SFX track you want to work with, you can easily add it to your project in whatever format you need, and then drag it from your media bin onto your timeline. Add the stems and layer in your own unique, customized mixes that set your sound apart from the rest.

Reason #3 – You’ll get up-to-the-minute access to new tools from ALIBI.

In addition to streamlining an editor’s workflow, ALIBI’s extension for Adobe Premiere Pro is a living, breathing thing that will continually be developed. We happen to be working on some very exciting ideas (top-secret stuff at the moment!) for other ways we can interact with the app and make your lives easier that we’ll release as we develop them.

On that note, we created this extension for editors. And in keeping with our motto of

, we want to hear from you if you have feedback or ideas to share about ALIBI’s extension for Adobe Premiere Pro (or anything else, for that matter). Contact us at .

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