ALIBI + Adobe Premiere Pro

Search, License & Import Music & SFX Straight from Adobe Premiere Pro

Access 400,000+ Audio Files Without Leaving Adobe Premiere Pro

It's like having a professional composer right there inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Not in a creepy big-brother-is-watching way. More in a helpful, licensed-music-is-always-on-hand kind of way.

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ALIBI Adobe Premiere Extension

Add Powerful Music & SFX Search to Adobe Premiere Pro

Search by catalog, instrument, era, mood, tempo, length, BPM, and more. Use style filters. Use negative search (an ALIBI exclusive). Whatever makes sense to you and your project, finding the perfect track is easy and intuitive with the ALIBI Music Extension.

ALIBI track selection and various mix options

Find Mixes, Stems & Cutdowns for Every Situation

The ALIBI Music Extension adds a range of emotion, nuance, and impact to any Adobe Premiere Pro project. With an absurd variety of original audio files, well-structured stems, and diverse mixes and cutdowns at your disposal, you can experiment, collaborate, and shape your project with an amazing level of detail.

  • Full Mixes
  • Instrumental Mixes
  • Rhythm Mixes
  • Sparse Mixes
  • Single Instrument Stems
  • Cutdowns of Various Lengths
ALIBI Adobe Premiere Extension

The Only Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Where You Can Place Stems

Just download an individual stem (or mix) and place it straight into your timeline. Bada bing, bada boom. Just like that, you’ve got control over which instruments are played and their levels in your mix to back up your story.

Preview Audio Before Licensing

We want you to be happy with your selection. When you find a track you like, the ALIBI Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro lets you sample audio files in your project before you license them for use.

Create Playlists & Save Favorites

With the ALIBI Music Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can create playlists of your favorite tracks to reference later on, or to share with your production team. And no matter where you create a playlist, it will automatically sync between Adobe Premiere Pro and your ALIBI Music library so it’s where you need it, when you need it.

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