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Meet the Artist - Laura Wyatt

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Laura Wyatt

How did you get started?

When I’m not writing and recording for ALIBI, I work as a singer in wedding bands. A few years back, I worked with a couple of ALIBI composers in bands, before they started composing full time, and they invited me to sing and write for some projects they were working on. The rest is history, I guess!

Please list your top credits.

Trailer for BBC drama

Trailer for Amazon Prime series

Trailer for Netflix series

Trailer for TV series

What types of genres do you work in most?

Acoustic pop/folk, vintage soul, and things that are a bit dark and epic…

What is your favorite track for ALIBI?

There’s a song on the Poignant Piano Ballads album called

– I’m not sure it’s been used for anything yet, but I love the vibe.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I love pretty much anything heartfelt and melodic, from Ella Fitzgerald through to Billie Eilish and hundreds of artists in between.

What makes your work unique?

A British accent and singing with emotion!

Tell us one surprising thing people wouldn’t know about you.

I’m a neuroscience student.

Your funniest/strangest music experience

Someone once heard me singing in the street and gave me 20 quid just to sing the chorus of “Sweet Home Alabama.” Easiest money I ever made from music – haha!

Why do you like working with ALIBI?

I love having the opportunity to sing in lots of different styles, and to work with different composers from around the world from the comfort of my home studio.

Any words of advice to share with artist hopefuls?

Write lots of songs. Keep things simple. And live life to the fullest for inspiration.

How can people follow your work (website/Spotify/social channels)?

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