Crowded Halls

Crowded Halls

Full w End Strings

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Crowded Halls Full w End Strings
92 BPM
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Track Details:

  • Filename

    ALIBI-Crowded Halls_Full w End Strings

  • Writer/Publisher

    Kent Carter (BMI) 100% / Alibots (BMI)

  • Style


  • Mood

    Aspirational Cool Poignant

  • Mix

    Instrumental Mix, Full

  • Release Year


  • BPM


  • Key


  • Category

    Advertising, Contemporary Music, Corporate, E-Sports, Sports

  • Subcategory

    Brand Sizzles, Cool, Drama, Electronic, Indie, Inspiring, Poignant, Rock, Sports


introspective poignant post rock thoughtful drama guitar guitars sensual soft acoustic reflective pleasant gentle intricate emotional intimate inspirational thoughtful driving building evolving electronic drums percussion piano electric guitar guitars bass strings advert Poignant Inspirational Rock Electronic Drama Advertising Contemporary Music Corporate Sports Brand Sizzles Cool Indie Inspiring Poignant Rock aspirational E-Sports Wistful Melancholy Melancholic Contemplative
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