Courtyard Rush

Courtyard Rush

Full w Lead Strings

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Courtyard Rush Full w Lead Strings
150 BPM
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Track Details:

  • Filename

    ALIBI-Courtyard Rush_Full w Lead Strings

  • Writer/Publisher

    Derek Whitacre (BMI) 100% / Alibots (BMI)

  • Style


  • Mood

    Dramatic Elegant Energetic Intriguing Tense

  • Mix

    Instrumental Mix, Full

  • Release Year


  • BPM


  • Key


  • Category

    Orchestral, Trailers / Promos

  • Subcategory

    Comedy / Dramedy, Dark Drama, Drama, Neo Classical, Orchestral, Orchestral Fantasy


Neoclassical Drama 3 Comedy / Dramedy Contemporary Classical Orchestral Orchestra Modern Trailers / Promos Comedy / Dramedy Dark Drama Neo Classical Drums Perc Percussion Taiko Hit Impact Riser Whoosh Big Huge Energetic Fast Frantic Powerful Timpani Snare Strings Cello Staccato Scrape Scraping Metal Metallic Cello Celli Staccato Strings Viola Violin Building Energetic Fast Frantic Dramatic Drama Tense Tension Intriguing Intrigue Suspicious Suspicion Mischievous Mischief Suspense Suspenseful Elegant Elegance Sophisticated Sophistication Sustained Neo Classical Orchestral Orchestra Orchestral Fantasy Dark Drama
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