Dread Knot

Dread Knot

Full w Retro Synth

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Dread Knot Full w Retro Synth
Electronic Drama Chiptune
94 BPM
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Track Details:

  • Filename

    ALIBI-Dread Knot_Full w Retro Synth

  • Writer/Publisher

    Kent Carter (BMI) 100% / Alibots (BMI)

  • Style


  • Mood

    Cheeky Confident Cool Dramatic Fun Nostalgic Playful Quirky Upbeat

  • Mix

    Instrumental Mix, Full

  • Release Year


  • BPM


  • Key


  • Category

    Advertising, Comedy, E-Sports, Gaming, Holidays, Kid's Collection

  • Subcategory

    Adventure, Comedy / Dramedy, Confident, Cool, Drama, Electronic, Fun / Comedy, Halloween, Kids, Kids, Light / Quirky, Playful, Puzzle, Quirky, Retro


Drama chiptune retro 1980s electronic big minimal powerful punchy cheeky confident cool fun nostalgic playful quirky cheeky badass peculiar drums synth bass retro arcade lead Electronic Drama Advertising E-Sports Gaming Kid's Collection Electronic Kids Light / Quirky Playful Puzzle Retro dramatic Holidays Comedy Adventure Halloween Comedy / Dramedy Fun / Comedy Upbeat
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