Team ALIBI: What We Are Thankful for This Year

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Jonathan Parks

Sometimes, all it takes is a little shakeup in life to remind you that attitude is everything. The perspective you choose when facing obstacles can seem the difference between sliding headfirst down a giant cheese grater and coasting gently over a snowy hill. Both may arrive at the same point but one is a FAR easier way to get there.

After nearly two years navigating a global pandemic, we’ve all surely earned the right to grumble a bit, but mostly Team ALIBI is living in gratitude, which is a pretty good way to avoid those sharp edges. Being thankful means less energy for impatience, worry or frustration. Being thankful is the sled for that snowy hill.

Admittedly, our virtual business model meant we were already working remotely and used to ZOOM (love it or hate it!) when others were sent into WFH-WTF mode, so we had some extra help in the cache. But, as we find ourselves entering 2021’s home stretch, we realize we’re really thankful for so much more.

Here’s what’s making Team ALIBI’s gratitude list this year:


This year, I’m grateful for things feeling like they are starting to get back to normal - especially being able to hang out with family and friends, and even going to a rock show! I’m also grateful to have a career in music, my first love and passion.


I am thankful for everyone in the healthcare professions who cared for the victims of the COVID epidemic and who continue to serve their fellow humans.


I am thankful for my wife and son. I’ve learned how to be patient, thanks to my boy.  I’ve learned how to manifest more positivity, thanks to my wife.  I laugh longer and love more, thanks to them both!


There are so many spots from so many talented clients we get to work with that it is hard to pick out just one, and this might seem like the clichéd thing to say, but I am grateful for my teammates at ALIBI. This wouldn’t be the greatest place to work without them, and I am just so glad to be here and be a part of the team. I’ve been at ALIBI for almost 5 years and, as the great Frank Beard said, “It’s a job I never wanted to quit and never wanted to get fired from,” and that is because of the people I work with daily at this company.


Right now, I’m grateful that things seem to be returning to some kind of normal. So many people – my wonderful colleagues included – have worked so hard to get things back on track. The drive and adaptability I’ve seen has been incredibly inspiring, and I’m thankful we all get to keep doing what we love!


My health, structured work/life balance, and good ears still to do my job!


I’m thankful to live in a city as vibrant and full of personality as Philadelphia with my gf and best friend Cass. Additionally, being able to walk to one of the best tomato pie places in the city is something that has kept me happy on my bad days.


Thankful for life getting closer to normal and seeing people again. Very much looking forward to seeing the ALIBI family in person sometime soon!


Something I'm thankful for is having such an awesome team of people to work with! And on a more personal note, I'm really thankful that COVID restrictions were lifted in time for my wedding a couple of months ago.

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