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Boosting Social Media Engagement with Music: A Guide for Content Creators

Marc Fantano

Creating engaging content is a science and an art, with elements that connect your audience to your brand, emotionally and intellectually.

And one crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of that connection is music.

Having gotten the opportunity to work with several YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram creators and Twitch streamers, I can offer a unique perspective on how music can amplify your content, making it more engaging, shareable, and impactful. Let’s explore.

Understanding the power of music

Let's start with understanding the psychology behind it.

Music is a universal language that connects people. It transcends borders, cultures, and languages.

From the dramatic and pulsating beat drops in a thriller movie to the soothing and welcoming tunes one might find in a reception area - music sets the mood, incites emotions, and captivates your audience.

A well-selected soundtrack can reinforce the message of your content, evoke the desired emotional response, and give your audience a reason to engage.

Choosing the right music

Choosing the right music for your content is crucial.

And in a culture that thrives off the latest trends, many think that translates into simply selecting a chart-topping pop record, but this is not the case.

Finding the right music that resonates with your brand image and the message you want to convey, along with the emotion you want to evoke is an art form in and of itself. And one that can take your content from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ask yourself - what do you want your audience to feel when they consume your content? Excited? Motivated? Relaxed? The music should mirror that feeling.

So, where should one go to find the best music for social content creation?

Copyrights and Royalties – Selecting the right music library

Remember, while the internet is a playground for content, it is still governed by laws. Always make sure to use royalty-free music or purchase licenses for the music you use in your content.

One of the most frustrating things I’ve seen high-profile content creators and influencers fall trap to is getting their content demonetized because they are using music they do not hold the rights to.

There are plenty of platforms out there that provide high-quality, royalty-free music, but ALIBI Music is the one that sits in the top position of my


With carefully curated high-quality music,

, and , the top content-creation application, they’re my recommended production music library for all content creators.

Using music to enhance storytelling

Just like with feature films, music should be used to enhance the story you are trying to tell through your content.

When introducing a new concept or idea, use music to build up anticipation.

Use music to heighten the excitement during the climax or a major reveal.

Remember, the music should complement your content and not overshadow it. Subtle

can sometimes make a big difference!

This is another thing that makes ALIBI Music such a powerful platform. The ability to find the perfect element of a musical composition that fits your content while being able to


Feel your content come to life.

Make music part of your brand identity

As a creator, music can also become a part of your brand identity.

Think about the intro tune for your podcast or YouTube series. Is this resonating with the perceived value of your brand?

As soon as someone hears that tune, they should instantly recognize your brand.

This may be someone’s first impression of you, and you want it to represent the level of quality that your content will deliver.

Choose a signature tune, and use it consistently across your content.

Test and iterate

Finally, remember to test and iterate with ALIBI’s


Try different genres, and play around with different

as you see what works best with your audience.

Use analytics to understand the impact of music on your content’s engagement, shares, and reach.

When used effectively, music can be a powerful tool to engage with your audience on a deeper level.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your unique sound. Remember, in the world of content creation, the right music can indeed make your content something people will want to come back for.

And there you have it, my comprehensive guide on how to use music to enhance your social media engagement.

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