ALIBI Spotlight - Sam Wale, VP of Production

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Sam Wale

Your Role in 25 Words or Less

I handle the production of ALIBI’s music and SFX catalog, working directly with composers and sound designers to produce new content for the library.

Personal Mantra

“There are no failures – only feedback.” – Richard Bandler

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

Check out the

- We create so many mix versions for each track, you might not even need the stems!

Your Start in Music

I’ve worked in the industry as a composer since 2009 and got involved in the publishing and production side when I joined ALIBI full-time in 2014, so I’ve been composing professionally for 12 years and producing as well for the last 7. I also worked with bands and recorded various albums and EPs around my late teens and early 20s.

As a composer, I landed my first music placement in a trailer for “The Stranger” in 2010. From that point, I was hooked and excited to discover how I might build a career in the trailer music world, either as a composer or a producer. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find both!

Something Surprising About Your Work

Thanks to the power of technology, I get to work closely with so many incredible composers, colleagues and clients all over the world, producing over 100 albums of new music and sound effects per year, all from the comfort of my home studio in rainy England. I can’t imagine how this would have been possible even 20 years ago!

Coolest Part of Your Job

Hearing our music and sound effects used in movie trailers, promos and commercials just never gets old, especially knowing how much passion and energy our composers put into creating these awesome tracks without any guarantee of them being used. I’ll often search YouTube briefly when I hear a track gets licensed and send a link to the composer if I can find it. It’s such a buzz every time!

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

While our industry is now more competitive than it ever has been, there is also a greater need for high-quality production music than ever before, with new kinds of media that we hadn’t imagined would exist just a few years ago, so I prefer to see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

Definitely a tough one as there’s quite a few spanning different genres:

Nine Inch Nails
Devin Townsend

Instruments Played

Guitar, bass and keyboard. I was front man for a black metal band about 15 years ago. Let’s not get into that though! My main instrument now is my computer.

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You

I eat pizza and tacos with a knife and fork.

Creative Call-Out

During last year’s lockdown I co-composed ALIBI’s recent

album with my good friend James Murray, collaborating remotely on every track from across the Atlantic. It was great fun to work on and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

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