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Why is music licensing so complicated? You need music. We have music. Let’s not overthink this.

ALIBI is your direct connection to an international team of over 200 professional composers. We make it easy to license original music, SFX, alternate mixes, cutdowns, game loops, and stems for all forms of media.

So stop sweating this whole music licensing thing, and let us make it easy. There is no charge for setting up your ALIBI account. Just pay for what you need, when you need it.

It’s Easy to Purchase a License Online

When you purchase a license through the ALIBI website, you’ll receive a receipt by email listing the track or tracks licensed, the program, and the usage you indicated.

If applicable, your license will include the term (length of time for which the track is licensed) and the territory (country for which the license is valid).


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How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Music Licensing?

Curious what it costs to license theatrical quality music and SFX for your projects? The price you pay is based on the intended media format and level of exposure your work is expected to have. For example, the cost of a music track for a private wedding video will be less than that same track used in a national advertising campaign.

Click and expand any of the categories to the right to find out more details on pricing for your unique project.

Content Creator Using Production Music Subscription

Subscription Licenses

If you’re an Independent Storyteller, Small Business or Freelancer who’s creating content for social media and internet-only use, an ALIBI Subscription License is for you. Check out our two options below. ALIBI Subscription Licenses are valid worldwide and remain active in perpetuity.

If you’re licensing work for placement on YouTube, be sure to list your YouTube channel with ALIBI. Your program will then be whitelisted for YouTube.

Indie Subscription Small Business Subscription
Cost $19.00/mo | $179.00/yr $49.00/mo | $399.00/yr
Unlimited Download of Music and Sound Effects Yes Yes
Allowlisted for YouTube 1 Channel Multiple Channels
Cleared for Facebook and Instagram 1 Page each Unlimited Pages
Cleared for LinkedIn For Subscriber Only For Subscriber & Clients
Cleared for Twitch & other Video Game Streaming Platforms For Subscriber Only For Subscriber & Clients
Unlimited Views and Followers For Subscriber’s Videos Only For Subscriber and Clients’ Videos
Monetize on YouTube One Channel Unlimited Channels
Online Video For Subscriber Only For Subscriber and Clients
Social Media Videos For Subscriber Only For Subscriber and Clients
Live Streaming and VOD’s For Subscriber Only For Subscriber and Clients
Podcasts For Subscriber Only For Subscriber and Clients
Internet Commercials No For Subscriber and Clients
Crowdfunding Videos No For Subscriber and Clients
Tradeshow Videos No For Subscriber and Clients
Professional Event Videos No For Subscriber and Clients
Real Estate Marketing Videos No For Subscriber and Clients
Non-Profit Organizations No For Subscriber and Clients
Branded Internet Content No For Subscriber and Clients
Weddings and Professional Photographers No For Subscriber and Clients
Local TV Commercials / Programming No For Subscriber and Clients

Subscription Licensing FAQs

Choose the Right Commercial Music & SFX License for You

Videographer With Commercial Music Subscription

Standard Licenses

A Standard License for music is perfect when you need to quickly license a single track or a group of tracks for your project(s). Like it is with all professional music libraries, the license rate you pay is determined by the usage you indicate at checkout.

If the track is used in a media other than what you originally licensed it for, the license will not be valid. If you do not see a category for how your project will be used, you will be directed to contact ALIBI. A team member will work with you to get you the right information to license the track(s) for your project.

Content Creator Using Production Music Subscription

Blanket/Enterprise Licenses

Blanket/Enterprise Licenses allow you unlimited usage of the ALIBI Music and FX Catalog. It’s a great way to manage the costs of music licensing for multiple or high-profile projects. In fact, many leading broadcast television and streaming networks, production studios, and major advertising agencies have active blanket licenses with ALIBI.

Whether you need audio for a single project or for multiple uses over a period of time, we can customize an ALIBI blanket/enterprise license to your needs–freeing your creatives to spend more time on productions, and less time dealing with headaches like paperwork and budgets. Just reach out, we’re here to help.

Content Production House Utilizing Custom Audio Licensing

Customized Licenses

Yes – we do that too. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all license for creative work. That’s why we put you in touch with 200 talented composers who have created over 200,000 tracks of professional, theatrical quality music. To give you options!

Videographer at Commercial Video Shoot

Find Out if Your Work is Already Covered

At ALIBI, we have blanket licenses or preferred vendor agreements with many broadcast networks, streaming services, social media companies, and many major advertising agencies.

Which means the work you do for them may already be covered by a license. Which means you could be using ALIBI Music right now. Which means there’s 250,000+ new ways to backup your story!

To check if your work is covered, contact us now.

Music Composer Editing Commercial Tracks

50% of Your License Fee Goes to the Composing Artist

We believe artists deserve to be fairly compensated. ALIBI publishes work by talented composers who create music & SFX exclusively for storytellers to sync with video, video games and podcasts. When you license anything from ALIBI Music, 50% of your license fee goes to the original composer, while the remainder is split with the publisher.

The licensing fee you pay is considered a “royalty” for the mechanical and synchronization rights held by artist and publisher. This is the only fee you will ever pay for using the music in ALIBI’s catalog.

Still Have Questions?

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