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New ALIBI Production Music Warms Up for Summer of Fierce Athletic Competition in Paris

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Kristien Brada-Thompson

‘Epic Winning Beats,’ ‘Vintage French’ and ‘Vive La France’ are 3 albums setting the stage for 2024 coverage, promos and ads.

As TV viewers around the world wait eagerly to take in this summer’s fierce athletic competition in Paris, ALIBI’s got production music ready to create that perfect vibe. The three new albums – each with our highly customizable formatting, stems and alt versions – set the stage for the coverage, promos and ads around this year’s most anticipated sports spectacle.

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or check them out here and have a listen:

(12 tracks, 424 audio files) – Powerful, confident and triumphant, these production music cues are centered on dramatic strings and brass with modern hip hop and electronic beats, accented with impactful cinematic hits and FX. Razor sharp synths and crushing bass combine with bold horns and staccato strings to create a sense of victory and high-stakes tension. Ideal for sports programming, fight-night promos, e-sports showdowns and anything that calls for the sophistication of orchestral elements with versatile electronic beats.

(10 tracks, 439 audio files) – This album conjures up the iconic and unmistakable sound of early-20th Century France, combining accordions, woodwinds, brass and romantic strings. Ideal for host-city coverage, period pieces, documentaries and charming French-styled productions. Full lyrical vocal performances in French add to the realism and authenticity, with English translations available in the lyrics for the songs.

(10 tracks, 340 audio files) - This joyous, quirky and diverse collection of unmistakably French library music compositions spans a range of emotions and moods to deliver an album that represents a slice of life. From cheeky and lighthearted to mysterious and seedy, these tracks capture the vibrancy and magic of Paris, the slow-paced, rustic vibe of rural France, and everything in between. Perfect for host-city coverage, period-piece dramas, quirky off-beat comedies and animations or documentaries that need a French flair.

ALIBI’s production music has been used in coverage, promotion and commercials around major sporting events for such brands as CBS, NFL, UFC, WWE, NBATV and MLB, among others. See examples of ALIBI work at


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