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Music Supervisor of the Month: A Q&A with Trygge Toven

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Kristien Brada-Thompson

If you ask anyone at ALIBI what we like most about our work, you’re bound to hear about the people. Our specialized intersection of music and screen just so happens to attract some pretty talented humans, whether we’re helping them with music searches, collabing on custom music or supplying the soundtracks for their projects. And when we come across a music sup whose work is particularly promising, we take notice.

We met Trygge Toven about a decade ago while he was still at Lussier. We had been stalking his work on LinkedIn when our cold calling paid off and we got the opportunity to do more. Fast forward 10 years and ALIBI has been proud to play a supporting role in his successful journey so far.

We recently got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Trygge about his work, inspiration, favorite things and more. Read it here:

ALIBI: How did you get your start in music?

Trygge: Music has been in my life as long as I can remember. I grew up singing in a Norwegian children's choir and started playing violin at age 5, but I'm assuming you mean professionally. Right after college, I started assistant engineering at Levcon Studios with Ari Levine and soon after began music supervising for TV marketing company, Lussier.

ALIBI: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Trygge: I love the feeling of matching just the right emotion with what the director is trying to portray in the scene. I especially like producing original songs and project-specific recordings that bring something unique to the project.

ALIBI: Tell us about a project that was particularly memorable to you.

Trygge: I have to say I had the most fun working on “Dolemite Is My Name!” Putting together the band with Craig Robinson and working with The Math Club and James Fauntleroy was one of the best experiences. I also had a blast being on set with our director Craig Brewer and making musical choices on the fly.

ALIBI: How do you find inspiration on an average work day?

Trygge: Music supervision requires changing hats often between creative, business and even politics, so you eventually develop a muscle to be able to jump into the creative without much inspiration. But, of course, the films themselves are the inspiration. You aren't creating from nothing; it's all about supporting the story.

ALIBI: What’s your personal motto?

Trygge: Create. Breathe. Keep going.

ALIBI: What do you wish more people understood about what you do?

Trygge: It's about supporting the story, so you can't make any song work, even if you absolutely love it.

ALIBI: Quick – give us your 5 rapid-fire favorites:


Band/Artist? Justice, The Strokes, Grieg

Film/Show? Inception

Food? Nigiri Sushi

Vacation Spot? Hawaii

Hobby? Tennis

ALIBI: Tell us one crazy or interesting fact most people don’t know about you.

Trygge: I started an aftermarket car parts ecommerce site when I was 16.

ALIBI: What musical instruments do you play, if any?

Trygge: Voice, Piano, Trumpet

ALIBI: Your best advice for others hoping to get into your line of work?

Trygge: Don't be afraid to do cold reach out for meetings with people you admire.

ALIBI: Any fun side projects or activities you’d like to promote?

Trygge: I have a mobile app for creativity and stress release called,

ALIBI: How can people follow you/your work (social media handles)?

Trygge: @tryggetoven everywhere

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