ALIBI Spotlight On… Eddie Mackavage, Publishing Admin and Metadata Analyst

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Eddie Mackavage

Your Role in 25 Words or Less

I am responsible for delivering and registering all of ALIBI’s music at the different PROs and other royalty collection agencies as well as managing our metadata database.

Personal Mantras

Be your own idol.

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

The tried-and-true negative search feature is a lifesaver.

Your Start in Music

Besides playing in indie bands (georgia foreman and Swimmer’s Lungs), I worked for a regional booking agency that taught me I love working with data and not people. It also made me realize I have a knack for keeping data organized and managing it.

Coolest Part of Your Job

Working with our sub-publishers around the world

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

For the general music industry, the ability for indie and start-up musicians/artists to earn a livable income from their art. For the production industry specifically, I am more excited to see the application of blockchain technologies to royalty collection and the challenges that arise from that.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

Saint Vincent, Delicate Steve, Warren Zevon

Instruments Played

Drums, guitar, bass, keys, computer

Random Non-Work Fun Facts About You

I help run and promote drag shows, wrestling and local indie music shows. I also raise Seeing Eye puppies.

Creative Call-Out

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