ALIBI Releases Fresh Trailer Music Ready to Promote This Summer’s Blockbusters

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Kristien Brada-Thompson

The countdown to summer is underway and ALIBI has some excellent new trailer music just in time to promote this year’s crop of summer movies and blockbusters. Three fresh albums cover the gamut of film genres, from true crime and spine-tingling thrillers to period dramas and family adventures. And each album features our expertly structured tracks, as well as stems and alt mixes for maximum customization.

Check them out here:

Thought Provoking Trailers (12 tracks, 414 audio files) – This unsettling and tense collection of production music cues focuses on ominous builds, terrifying climaxes and creative sound design. Trailer hits and whooshes dance around organic instrumentation, choirs and vocal FX to create a sound that's perfectly suited to true crime, thrillers, horrors and survival horror videogames. Listen

Neoclassical Drama 3 (16 tracks, 535 audio files) – By popular demand comes the newest edition of ALIBI’s “Neoclassical Drama” series. These production music cues are built around frantic staccato string arpeggios, ticking clocks, hand claps, pounding drums and intriguing building arrangements. Evoking intrigue, deceit, mystery and suspense, the music is masterfully composed and well suited to period dramas, quirky and mischievous dark comedies and darkly comedic romps. Listen


Family Adventure 2 (14 tracks, 612 audio files) – Take 2 of another highly requested ALIBI collection, this album features expertly crafted orchestral arrangements and masterful composition, its cues packed to the brim with racing staccato strings, harp glisses and huge percussion. Heroic anthemic brass, magical enchanting woodwinds and deep bass give every track weight and gravity, while huge choirs evoke magic, awe and wonder ideal for adventures, fantasies, epic nature documentaries and more. Listen


ALIBI Music’s sound design has been featured in the promotion of nearly every theatrical film release in the last 10 years. Additionally, ALIBI’s music is used extensively in film, television, streaming and video game campaigns. Recent such trailer music placements include

(Warner Bros. Games) and
(Universal), among many others.

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