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Jonathan Parks

Your Role in 75 Words or Less

As ALIBI’s founder, I was once responsible for nearly every role – music production, data, tech setup, janitorial services, whatever needed to be done to support our clients. While still involved in all aspects of the company, my main role now is supporting our team’s needs in any way possible so we, as a whole, can support the diverse needs of our users.

Personal Mantras

“Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.”

“Never lose the childlike wonder. Show gratitude... Don't complain; just work harder... Never give up.”

As well as nearly every other word spoken in

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

Negative searching is by far the easiest way to narrow down search results. So much music has similarly describable characteristics yet sounds completely different. Filtering out moods, instruments, genres will quickly reduce an unmanageable amount of tracks to those that will best fit the needs of the project. (Read more about

.)The visible wave forms, and the ability to click on them and start playing from that point, make previewing tracks quick and efficient as well.

Your Start in Music

I started by pouring cokes at Musikfest, a large festival my father launched in Bethlehem, PA, when I was 7. I then played in blues/classic rock cover bands in high school and attended Belmont University for a bachelor’s degree in music business / audio engineering, while interning at Lyric Street Records, Sony Nashville, Dreamcatcher Entertainment, Giant Records and Interscope Records, and working at Blockbuster Music.

After graduating, I worked in the digital asset management division of EMI / Capitol Records during the time of Napster and before iTunes. My glamorous job required me to read the track titles of the entire North American catalog from the backs of CD cases and type them into a database. I learned quite a bit about digital asset management working with the team there, which has been critical to running a music catalog. From there, I was hired by a jingle house to create a music licensing division and moved on from that position in 2011 to start ALIBI.

Coolest Part of Your Job

The coolest part of my job is collaborating with wonderful, talented people. Our clientele of editors, producers, music supervisors and business managers is incredible to work with and get to know. Our internal team and our composers, songwriters and everyone else we work with are equally as wonderful, talented and innovative. And, yeah, it’s cool hearing what we do on some of the largest projects one can imagine on a daily basis.

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

The industry of music for media, and music in general, has never offered more opportunity with the amount of content being created and consumed. The biggest challenge for a company in the industry is to break through the noise by being ahead of the curve with quality and quantity of truly useful music, all while creating and providing the infrastructure producers need to utilize the music efficiently and back up their stories.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

The Black Crowes: I’ve been listening to them since they first came out and can always hear something new in their work even after 25 years. My favorite song lyric is from “Wiser Time”:

“On a good day, I know it ain’t every day, we can part the seas. And on a bad day, I know it ain’t every day, glory is beyond our reach.”

Pretty true and relatable for everyone.

Instruments Played

Guitar: Don’t think I’ll ever get to the level of virtuoso as the masters, but can be pretty good at times. Love playing resonator and cigar box guitars more than anything. Such a wonderful dirty-bluesy sound.

Random Non-Work Fun Facts About You

I was a member of a pinball team in NY. Won one year! I have two 2-year-old mini dachshunds named Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy and Sheba Baby The Dangerous Lady, who each has a theme song from the respective movie they were named after:

/ .

Currently, I’m also addicted to playing the virtual reality game Population One. This is the first online multiplayer video game I’ve ever played. I’m a good team player and getting to the point where I can hold my own pretty well too:)

Creative Call-Out

One of the many roles I’ve played in ALIBI is when I picked up creating the album/playlist cover design a few years ago. Hope you dig them!

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