ALIBI Spotlight On… Kent Carter, Composer & VP, Strategic Initiatives

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Kent Carter

Your Role in 25 Words or Less

I am an active composer for the library, but I also build relationships with technology partners who need music and help manage ALIBI’s technology projects.

Personal Mantra

Be the Best You Can Be.

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

You can click on the middle of any track waveform to start playing it from there. This is helpful because our tracks typically start out less busy and then build. Hearing a track from the middle gets you right to the meat of it.

Your Start in this Business

I started composing for Jonathan Parks for another library he used to work for. About a year after he started ALIBI, he hired me to help out on the business side of things in addition to writing tracks for ALIBI.

Something Surprising About Your Work

I experience a ridiculous amount of variety. In the same day, I could be producing a Scottish Bagpipe album and then helping an indie developer find the perfect track for their game.

Coolest Part of Your Job

I love exploring the marriage of music and technology, along with the creative applications of both. It was exciting to help develop our

format. This makes our music adaptive using both horizontal and vertical techniques. This format is widely used in video games, but is also perfect for the rapidly expanding VR/AR market.

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

I believe the biggest challenge we’re facing is the devaluation of music and sound assets by libraries in a “race to the bottom” to grab the quick buck instead of long-term viability and providing an actual career path for composers. It’s no secret that the best music comes from professional composers who can focus on their craft.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

Oh, dear. I love so many... but if I had to pick one, it’d be Johnny Cash. It’s rare for an artist to be able to connect with so many different kinds of people.

Instruments Played

Bass Guitar, Drums, Concertina and, mostly, the computer. I’m also a pretty good shouter.

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You

I’m an active sailor on San Francisco Bay and plan to sail to Hawaii one day. I’m learning the concertina so I can play pirate songs along the way.

Creative Call-Out

Some of my favorite placements of my music are:

  • Getting a in the twisted Adult Swim show, “Mr. Pickles.” They actually animated a character to sing the song.
  • Having my track be the behind “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” trailer. The Coen Brothers are among my creative heroes.
  • A recurring track on every episode of “Sex Sent Me to the ER.” Interestingly, I’ve actually never watched the show. Some things are just best left imagined…

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