ALIBI Spotlight - Paul Ortiz, Music Director

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Paul Ortiz

Your Role in 25 Words or Less

Hi! I'm ALIBI's music director. I find music for clients, tag our library with metadata and assist with album production. When I get the time, I write for the library too!

Personal Mantra

Be adaptable. There’s plenty of work out there for musicians if they’re willing to bring their talents to bear in unexpected ways. Even 10 years ago, I never would’ve considered doing sound design, video authoring, voiceovers, music coordination or metadata, but I’ve picked up so many skills along the way that have allowed me to keep working in the music industry.

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

Don’t underestimate the BPM counter! Picking even one or two key words and a tempo range will get you incredibly close to where you want to be, as tempo is so deeply linked to style and feel.

Your Start in Music

I was super fortunate to have grown up in a musical household. Both my parents are musicians and producers. They got me started on an old monochrome Atari running Cubase when I was about 5 or 6, taught me the basics and let me figure out the rest. Hopelessly hooked ever since.

Something Surprising About Your Work

Probably how much work goes into everything. It’s not just some people writing some songs, and some people choosing them. It’s entire teams of really dedicated and creative people working together from the inception of an album idea, through to composition and production, mastering, data, registration, and making it all come together for a seamless experience from the end user’s perspective. You type some words and up comes the music. But the journey that music has taken is pretty amazing!

Coolest Part of Your Job

Music is such an important part of any project, so helping clients find the right track that tells the story they want to tell is a nice feeling, especially when you see it out in the wild.

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

In light of 2020/21 I think it’s vital that we continue to support creators and artists, and value their work appropriately. Automation, AI, cheaper and faster production; all of these things that were challenging before the pandemic are even more so as we look beyond it. We had a brief glimpse into a world without music/cinema/etc., so we should celebrate its return by continuing to build each other up and create opportunities for all the crazy talent out there!

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

I absolutely cannot pick one! My inner metal-head loves Meshuggah, but I’m loving a lot of electronic music right now: SOPHIE, Jon Hopkins, Lorne, too many to list!

Instruments Played

I play electric guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. I like to think I can sing but I’ve never had the nerve to try, and it might sound terrible!

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You

I have a crippling phobia of watching people brush their teeth. And now the world knows my vulnerability…

Creative Call-Out

This year, I finally managed to put some new music out for the first time in almost a decade under my solo project

. And big shout-out to my buddy Dan Tompkins, with whom I had the pleasure of working on his album (mastered by our very own Sam Wale!). We also write together with my partner Katie and make . Get your shades on!

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