ALIBI Spotlight - Joseph Miller, Director, Creative Licensing

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Joseph Miller

Your Role in 25 Words or Less

All things creative, sales, marketing and client success for the commercial, advertising, digital, social, branded, corporate, film and TV markets.

Personal Mantra

All things must pass.

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

Tap tempo! Anyone can tap their feet… or finger in this case.

Your Start in Music

I’ve played or internalized music my whole life. Professionally, I began exploring music publishing, production and producing other artists’ music for fun. I always felt I preferred behind the scenes instead of playing on stage and touring in a cramped tour bus. Eventually, I found a groove in music for TV/film/ads either in in-house roles with CBS Sports or A&E Television Networks, then got into music supervision complemented with music production library work.

Something Surprising About Your Work

The focus is almost always on what the client and viewing/listening audience wants and never what my musical taste or preference leans towards. Also, this industry is very technology-focused. Probably a quarter of my day (or often less) is spent actually listening to music.

Coolest Part of Your Job

Having repeat customers mention how well our intuition is, and when they come back and license from us repeatedly. For new clients, it’s finding a way to illustrate our value and uniqueness/”hip factor” as a music resource, and having them be impressed with whatever first project or two they send our way.

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

Subscription-based music companies that provide music at a threatening rate of $199/year... if that. Overall, the devaluation of music as a whole, as people are used to getting music for free from Spotify and YouTube. Big brands I’ve spoken to may still use $20 music tracks from “royalty-free” sites.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

George Harrison / Jeff Buckley / Jimi Hendrix / Radiohead / Bernard Herrmann are my lifelong defaults.

Instruments Played

Primarily guitar, bass, and drums. Can dabble on keyboards/electronic, and could probably do something with viola or alto + tenor sax since I played them for years pre-college.

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You

I’m the first in-vitro twin from Long Island, NY.

Creative Call-Out

When not working on ALIBI projects, I often provide music supervision, clearance and strategy work for film and commercial projects like Oscar-nominated “RBG” and soon-to-premiere-at-Sundance Sesame Street doc, “Street Gang.”

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