Team ALIBI: Our All-Time Favorite Super Bowl® Commercials & Why We Love Them

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Jonathan Parks

Empty stadiums. Cardboard fans. Crowd roar audio tracks… Pandemic craziness aside, the NFL has successfully wrapped another regular (OK, maybe not so regular) season, with playoffs marking the start of a familiar countdown.

The Super Bowl® looms in the distance like an old friend, summoning our company screenside for the ultimate couch-bound fest. And while nobody really knows what this year’s Big Game will look like, we do know we can count on some pretty amazing commercials. In fact, this year’s creative feast of Super Bowl ads may be more important than ever in rallying viewers together during strange times.

Which commercials will move us the most? Make us laugh so hard that we spit out our beer? Drop our jaws from their sheer production value? We’ll have to wait ‘til next month to find out, but – in the meantime – Team ALIBI is honoring the upcoming Super Bowl LV with a look at our all-time favorite Super Bowl ads and why we love them so much… in no particular order. Enjoy!

Jonathan Parks:

(2000, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) – This is now and will forever be my all-time favorite television commercial. Funny, self-aware, and memorable for both the spot and the brand. I have been an E*TRADE user ever since.

Tim Hare:

(2011, VW agency Deutsch) – As a lifelong Star Wars geek, this commercial brought back tons of nostalgic memories as well as making me laugh out loud. May the Force Be With You.

Joseph Miller:

(2013, Goodby Silverstein & Partners) – Fun, multiple music changes but they aren't forced. Very much supports the scene.

2013 Super Bowl is a special one for me since I was in-house at CBS Sports that year and got to pick most of the music used during the game, bumpers, teases, features, promos, etc.

Julia Trainor:

(2018, Lucky Generals) – I mean, just for the Rebel Wilson scene alone, this wins. But the Cardi B dead air after the country music request is brilliant, too!

Sam Wale (from London):

Is that a bowling tournament? I don’t even follow UK sports, so I’m absolutely clueless as to what goes on over there!

Eddie Mackavage:

(2015, Leo Burnett) – There aren’t too many dark comedy commercials but this one is spot on. Sorta…

Jeff Parks:

(2014, Venables Bell & Partners) – Trashing designer dogs and the effete elite who love them to market a high-end car during a football game – priceless.

Paul Ortiz (from London):

Living in the UK, I barely know what a Super Bowl is; we only do football here. Not hand-egg. And you may quote me on that!

Jonathan Haskell:

(2008, Saatchi & Saatchi-Los Angeles) – This is just straight up comedy. I could watch stuff like this all day. The lead-up and then the payoff. It’s great!

Gina Baudoin:

(2014, Anomaly) – Being a huge animal lover, I always look forward to the Budweiser commercials, and the 2014 ‘Puppy Love’ commercial tops the charts!

Kent Carter:

(2012, Wieden+Kennedy) – This 2012 commercial was striking and inspiring then, and is as relevant in 2020. All of us have had to dig deep and find grit to get through this trying year.

Iva Ferris:

(2019, 72andSunny) – My favorite ever Super Bowl commercial was for the NFL 100th anniversary because Franco Harris! And Saquon Barkley! And Peyton Manning! Seriously, because it truly demonstrates the love of the game.

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