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Syncing the Metaverse: Futuristic Music and Sound Effects Highlight ALIBI’s Newest Album Releases

From dystopian sci-fi and action to survival, horror and war, these six albums were produced for a wide range of future-themed uses.

LOS ANGELES – February 3, 2022 – What does the future sound like and how do you sync the metaverse? ALIBI Music has the answer in six new albums: two production music releases and four featuring sound effects. All are the work of professional composers with a great ear for what’s next and a skill in structuring tracks to ALIBI’s uniquely syncable specs.

The new music and sound effects were produced with a wide range of future-themed uses in mind, including dystopian sci-fi thrillers, action trailers, disturbing documentaries, true crime series and survival, horror and war-themed video games, among other projects:

Hybrid Cyberpunk (10 tracks, 427 audio files)

Razor sharp, ultra-modern cinematic cues specifically centered around huge, powerful drums and gritty synth lines. Most of these tracks include distinctive synth bends and signature sounds reminiscent of klaxons and sirens, making this the perfect soundtrack for that dystopian sci-fi project.

Epic Electro Hybrid (16 tracks, 695 audio files)

Building, brooding cues that transport you to far-flung alien battlefields and stunning cyberpunk vistas. Pulsing synth basses and distorted signature sounds combine with massive driving percussion, hits and whooshes to create an ultra-modern sound perfectly suited for sci-fi and action trailers, near-future war games, gripping futuristic thrillers and much more.

Futuristic Drones (25 tracks, 95 audio files)

Superbly designed atmospheric sound effects, packed full of detailed sound design, such as creaks, rattles, electrical hums and deep, droning synths. Each of these FX cues evokes scenes of rusted decay, desolate sci-fi worlds and haunting, liminal spaces and would work perfectly in a horror, thriller or sci-fi trailer, as well as in survival horror video games, space-based RPGs or anything that calls for a dark unsettling atmosphere.

Futuristic Hits (25 tracks, 100 audio files)

Haunting, deep impacts, including metal and wooden squeaks and creaks, ominous synth notes and dark synth tones. All of these FX cues include lead-ins and whooshes to give them extra drama and tension and are suitable for a wide range of projects, such as true crime, horror and thriller trailers, survival horror video games and disturbing documentaries.

Futuristic Rises (25 tracks, 94 audio files)

Tension-building, rising FX containing hyper-designed synths, twisted foley and strange electric hums and crackles. Placed very much in the sci-fi realm, these sounds would be well-suited to action or thriller trailers/promos, as well as dark psychological horror, survival video games or tense true-crime documentaries.

Futuristic Braams (25 tracks, 96 audio files)

Modern, hyper-designed trailer and promo sound effects featuring dark, distorted brass synths and deep, dark impacts. These braams are long, unfolding and evolving to make them suitable as stingers, audio logos and mnemonics, as well as to punctuate trailer edits. Also well-suited for futuristic or sci-fi video games.

ALIBI’s production music and sound effects have been used for such recent high-profile projects as the season launch trailer for SYFY’s “Resident Alien,” the video game trailer for “Oculus: After the Fall” and this future-forward spot for Gap, among numerous others.

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