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Spotlight On David Diaz

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Alibi Music

Your Role in 75 Words or Less:
The role of Director of Marketing covers a wide berth of responsibilities. With ALIBI Music, the focus is part creative and advertising manager, part events and promotion and part growth strategy and execution.

Personal Mantra:
Enjoy the people in your life (work and personal). Seize each day. Don’t complain.

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip:
Make life easy in post by downloading ALIBI’s extension for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Your Start in Music:
I entered a talent show in the fourth grade. My friends and I had a fake band and lip-synced a Def Leopard song. The crowd was not impressed. Then the popular kids lip-synced “Jump” from Van Halen and the crowd went crazy. The clear take-away: music selection is key.

Coolest Part of Your Job:
The fun we all have together building the brand. We all have front-row seats on collaboration for how we interact with our clients.

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry:
Knowing what technology should be incorporated to benefit our clients and what to leave alone.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act:
Music is the equivalent of a wardrobe. You wake up every morning wanting something appropriate for the day. I listen to classical, ‘80s new wave, EDM, Latino rock, punk rock, reggae, ska, modern R&B and ‘60s-‘70s classic rock.

Instruments Played:
I know a few chords on guitar, and I’ve been known to sing under the right circumstances.

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You:
I have worked in stone sculpture since college. I currently sculpt upcycled surf resin. I have a one-year residence at a gallery in Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach) --

Creative Call-Outs:
Happy to turn this question around and give a little love to my team: Sam and Paul get a call out for creating amazing music across a broad spectrum. Rab is a great writer/creative and editor. Kristien always manages to get amazing pieces about ALIBI published. Trish and Gina do the work of an entire department in Accounts Receivable. JT knows her stuff when it comes to music and the music industry. Kent is the guy for anything web related and a talented composer. Aside from being the owner of the company, Jonathan Parks is a big talent in the art department and makes all of our album art. John Haskell is a hound dog when it comes to tracking down payment for our music. Jeff does the heavy work with our legal affairs; we all feel safer with him around. Joseph is tenacious yet methodical when it comes to sales. We have amazing people working at ALIBI. Everyone brings special gifts to their roles.

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