Rab Bradlea Brings ALIBI Client Perspective as East Coast Music Supervisor

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Jonathan Parks

ALIBI is excited to welcome Rab Bradlea as East Coast Music Supervisor, a move that strengthens our existing music supervision team amid continued growth. Based in New York, Rab will work alongside Head of Sync A&R Julia Trainor in Los Angeles and Music Director Paul Ortiz in London, ensuring round-the-clock support for our global clientele.

Over the past 10 years, we have steadily expanded our uniquely structured music & SFX catalogs to become a trusted resource for content and trailer editors working in

, among other industries. Rab, who had actually worked with us on the client side previously, brings both a valuable perspective and familiarity with the catalog to his new role.

Prior to joining ALIBI, Rab spent close to a decade in video production and editing. He was most recently a freelance producer/video editor working extensively on short films, trailers, TV spots, sales reels, podcasts and web content, projects for which he also provided music supervision. One such documentary short, “Little Measures,” premiered at Cannes 2021. Rab has previously produced, edited and written nationally televised TV and film trailers for Vibe Creative and Open Road Entertainment. He got his start as a video editor for Rabble Rouser Media after graduating from Boston University with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television and English.

“ALIBI has actually had the pleasure of working with Rab Bradlea on a freelance level for some time (he cut our first reel!), so we’re super excited to have him onboard officially,” said ALIBI founder & EP, Jonathan Parks. “Given his background, he is ideally positioned to expand the versatile talents within our team.”

Added Rab: “No one at ALIBI does just one thing, so I’m really looking forward to contributing my skill set in multiple capacities and finding my niche among such multitalented people.”

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