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Our Top Picks: 10 Must-Visit Blogs and News Sites for Independent Filmmakers

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Our Top Picks: 10 Must-Visit Blogs and News Sites for Independent Filmmakers

When it comes to independent filmmaking, there’s no single recipe for success. Technology, workflows, trends and industry standards seem to change daily. Keeping up is equal parts crucial and challenging. But isn’t that the case in any creative industry?

On the music side, we feel your pain. After all, we supply the audio tracks and sound effects that support television, advertising, videogames and – yes – filmmakers of all budget sizes. We know your landscape is shapeshifting by the minute because ours is too. And knowledge, for all of us, is power.

With that in mind, Team ALIBI has taken an updated look at some of the wonderful blogs and news sites supporting indie filmmakers, and we compiled a quick list of 10 that we think every filmmaker should have bookmarked. Split into two categories, the craft and industry news, these resources have earned their place as our favorites, offering invaluable insights to empower your creative journey.

ALIBI’s rankings reflect our own opinions and are merely intended to provide a helpful summary for independent filmmakers trying to sort through a virtual sea of industry information.

Practical Filmmaking Blogs

Billed as “by filmmakers, for filmmakers,” No Film School gets our top spot for its essential news, tutorials, interviews and videos, as well as a podcast highlighting filmmaking technologies and trends. We love this one for its veritable treasure trove of helpful and inspiring content for filmmakers at all levels in their careers.

Coming in at No. 2, Film Riot hosts a video blog series and podcast about independent filmmaking featuring fascinating interviews and helpful tips for inspiring filmmakers. What we love in particular are the ridculously cool (and often humor-filled) video tutorials that often seem to defy the impossible.

Indie Film Hustle is next with its timely content, resources, tools and courses showing filmmakers, screenwriters and film creatives how to survive and thrive in the film industry. We love the hacks for filmmakers on a budget and so much more.

This site’s articles and video essays provide technical insight into craft and tips for aspiring writers and filmmakers. There are also free filmmaking templates, masterclasses and software. We happen to love the solid collection of pro tips and techniques.

And rounding things out is CineD, which features filmmaking technology news, reviews and analysis, with a focus on gear as well as how-to videos, BTS talks and trade coverage stories. Our favorite CineD feature are the super helpful Gear Guides.

Film News & Culture Sites

Our No. 1 independent film news and culture site is Filmmaker Magazine, an online (and print) publication focused on the art and business of independent film, targeting writers, directors, producers, reps and others. Filmmaker gets our top spot for its fantastic interviews and overall coverage of the industry.

For over 25 years, IndieWire has covered the business and art of filmmaking with in-depth industry reporting and analysis, breaking news and awards circuit features. This site earns our close-second spot for its deep-dive into film culture you won’t find anywhere else. The BTS reporting is also top notch.

Next in this category is SHOOT, which has been publishing online (and print) news, information, industry trends, screenwork and coverage of the people behind film since 1960. We love perusing SHOOT’s screenwork section and its up-to-the-minute coverage film events around the world.

Coming in third is RedShark News, a multiplatform news publication focused on production, post/VFX, audio and technology as well as informed opinion and know-how for the video, film and content creation industries. We love this one for its expansive and insightful production coverage.

And, finally, ProVideo Coalition rounds this category out, featuring film industry writers, bloggers and video experts sharing their personal knowledge and experience to provide news, information, reviews and training. We particularly like the reviews of tools and global film production conference coverage.

In the end, filmmaking – much like music – thrives on the exchange of wisdom and shared passion for the art. We hope you’ll bookmark these resources and share them with others, so we can all continue crafting cinematic magic with the most updated and useful information out there.

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