Podcast Interviews with Jonathan Parks and Sam Wale

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Alibi Music

We always find it pretty badass anytime an ALIBI team member is called on as a thought leader, but two in one month is doubly badass! In September, our very own fearless leader Jonathan Parks and recently promoted Sam Wale were invited to share their expertise as podcast guests.

JP joined Keystone Edge’s “Key Change” program, which spotlights passionate business leaders and creative innovators in PA. Sitting down with editor Lee Stabert, he gave the publication’s listeners a virtual backstage pass into the business of production music company… and the nuances behind licensing the ALIBI tracks they likely hear almost daily without even knowing it. You can listen for yourself right


Meanwhile, Sam was a guest on The Music Production Podcast, hosted by Brian Funk, where he talked about his role at ALIBI and how composing music for licensing is different than composing music as a commercial artist. He also shared helpful tips for others who aspire to work in this business. Listen in and watch this fascinating interview


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