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ALIBI Takes Production Music to the Edge with 5 New Hard-Hitting Rock Releases

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Kristien Brada-Thompson

Distorted, unpolished and raw – rock’s harder edge can move audiences in a distinctly powerful way, drumming up pure grit and attitude that practically course through your veins. ALIBI Music’s newest releases – “Rock Grooves 5,” “Kick Ass Rock,” “Punky Grrl Rock,” “Alt Rock” and “Garage Rock” – push this feeling to the edge in four hard-hitting albums produced to rock a wide range of on-screen projects.

“Rock Grooves 5” (10 tracks, 319 audio files,

Confident, attitude-filled tracks built around grinding distorted electric bass and guitar and heavy, punchy rock drums. The addition of sparse/light percussion helps to give these cues some groove, sass and swagger, making them ideal for sports programming, high-octave competitive video games or any project that calls for a raw, gritty and defiant sound.

“Kick Ass Rock” (10 tracks, 378 audio files,

Gritty, raw and rocking tracks centered around distorted electric guitar riffs, grinding basslines and driving energetic drums. Each track is complimented by full lyrical vocal performances, packed with attitude, defiance and rebellion. These no-nonsense songs are ideal for youthful, edgy advertising, sports, racing and much more.

“Punky Grrl Rock” (17 tracks, 544 audio files,

Female-fronted punk and rock tracks, complete with driving punchy drums and distorted electric bass and guitar. These no-nonsense cues range from swaggering and grooving to fast and frantic, perfectly capturing a spirit of youthful rebellion and defiance. Well-suited for edgy advertising campaigns and branding, these songs would also work well in youthful indie comedies and fast-paced video game genres such as racing and extreme sports.

“Alt Rock” (12 tracks, 382 audio files,

Energetic and modern rock cues with thunderous, hard-hitting drums, gritty riffs and anthemic lead melodies. Perfect for sports and e-sports, these tracks exude confidence, attitude and swagger making them ideal for high-intensity motorsports and fighting/wrestling, as well as aggressive driving or first-person action games.

“Garage Rock 5” (15 tracks, 522 audio files,

Scrappy, fuzzy Rock tracks composed to bring raw, rebellious energy to any production. Unpolished and untamed, harsh distorted electric guitars and energetic drums drive each cue relentlessly forward, while gritty bass grooves chug along underneath. Full lyrical male vocal performances are also included. This album is ideal for themes of rebellion, sporting or any project that demands the wild sound of authentic garage rock.

ALIBI Music’s rock cues have been used by the NFL, WWE, CBS Sports, NCAA March Madness, “Impractical Jokers,” “The Challenge” and “Spaz” documentary, among numerous others.

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