ALIBI Spotlight On… Rab Bradlea

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Alibi Music

Your Role in 75 Words or Less
I help people find music for their projects, help develop new albums, and video edit or animate most of ALIBI’s marketing media.

Personal Mantra
Live your values. Paraphrased from: "Theory with no practice ain’t sh*t" - Fred Hampton

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip
You can search for songs based on lyrical content. That’s how I know we currently have two songs where people sing the word “puppy.”

Your Start in Music
I started using ALIBI’s library as a trailer editor. When I began looking for a career shift, transitioning to the music side of things was a natural choice. Music supervision is one of my favorite parts of the editing – and now I do it full time.

Coolest Part of Your Job
Everyone in this company has an extremely deep knowledge of music. Trading band recommendations and discovering new things to listen to just through casual conversation is a blast – let alone that we get to work in music for a living.

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry
Large media conglomerates doing everything in their power to reduce the cost of music. Musicians struggle to make a living because companies that can afford to compensate them fairly choose not to.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act
Alice in Chains, Cake, Rage Against the Machine

Instruments Played
Very lapsed piano, guitar and bass player.

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You
I appear briefly in a Tetris commercial that I wrote while still working in trailers.

Creative Call-Out
I cut the short film “Little Measures,” contained within the anthology feature The Year of the Everlasting Storm.

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