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ALIBI Ramps Up Sound Design With 4 New Simple SFX Albums

Kristien Brada-Thompson

‘Lifestyle Title Moves,’ ‘Lifestyle Signatures,’ ‘Lifestyle Transitions’ and ‘Soft Whooshes’ feature well-designed, useful and versatile sounds for a wide range of projects.

By popular demand, we have expanded our sound design catalog with the release of four new sound effects (SFX) albums. “Lifestyle Title Moves,” “Lifestyle Signatures,” “Lifestyle Transitions” and “Soft Whooshes” keep the focus on simple, useful sounds, but what really goes into the whooshes and swooshes we hear daily in everything from trailers and promos to opening sequences, brand IDs and user interfaces?

“The design behind these simple and sought-after sounds is actually anything BUT simple,” explains ALIBI Music founder and executive producer Jonathan Parks. “There’s a real art and complexity to making something sound simple. It’s a practice that takes time and patience, making these four albums a true labor of love for our team.”

Although ALIBI’s music is used extensively by the film, television, streaming, advertising and video game industries, we are perhaps best known for our sound design. Our SFX have been used in the marketing of nearly every major feature film since we launched more than 11 years ago.

Here’s more on our four new SFX albums:

Lifestyle Title Moves (63 tracks/audio files,

An extensive collection of versatile whooshes, swooshes and rushing sounds designed to accompany title card movement in trailers, opening sequences and promos. This generous selection of simple yet effective sounds would also be useful for weapon swinging sounds in videogames, or anything moving at speed that needs a sound effect to accentuate its movement.

Lifestyle Signatures (36 tracks/audio files,

A sleek, contemporary and versatile collection of sound effects ranging from metallic and glassy whooshes and swooshes to deep and dark booms and hits. Ideal for use in promos and trailers, as well as brand IDs and mnemonics and even futuristic user interface sounds for sci-fi programming or video games.

Lifestyle Transitions (62 tracks/audio files,

A versatile selection of whooshes and swooshes designed to accompany the transition between scenes in an edit. From rushing white noise to reversed cymbals, these simple sound effects are primarily geared towards light reality TV and Hallmark-style programming, and are an essential part of any editor's toolkit. They would also be useful in a video game context, such as transitioning into/out of menus.

Soft Whooshes (48 tracks/audio files,

An essential and useful collection of subtle whoosh FX designed for use in trailers and promos. With an emphasis on soft, warm sounds, these are perfectly suited to less intense genres such as comedy, dramedy and family films, but would also work well as game sound effects, as passing objects/vehicles or spell casting.

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