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ALIBI Drops New Music for Reality TV and Factual Entertainment

Kristien Brada-Thompson

Six albums feature production music and stems for maximum versatility whether setting background tone or building suspense and everything in between.

Editors working in reality TV and factual entertainment will find a powerful resource in ALIBI’s newest music. Featuring tracks, stems and alt versions, these six albums are dialed up for maximum versatility and can be used for a wide range of projects, from lifestyle programming and reality TV to competition shows and documentaries.

We’re bringing you the ideal backup, whether setting the tone or building suspense in content, promos, trailers and more. Read and listen here:

Lifestyle Pop (12 tracks, 470 audio files,

TV-friendly cues centered around pianos, acoustic/clean guitars, light synths and punchy pop drums. Hitting that middle ground between emotive and neutral/suitable for background music, these tracks are a good fit for romance-based reality shows, travel and holiday programming.

Upbeat Club Hip Hop (9 tracks, 331 audio files,

Punchy Hip Hop tracks with moods ranging from sinister and gloomy to bombastic and confident. Featuring vinyl scratches, popping brass and deep 808 sub basses, these tracks would work well in reality TV and documentaries that need a hip hop underscore for voiceovers/narration.

Organic Crime Underscores (16 tracks, 490 audio files,

Tension-building cues for true crime productions. Focusing on soft pianos, mysterious mallets and delicate strings, these tracks are perfectly understated to create a sense of foreboding and mystery, combining real organic instrumentation with the occasional flourish of lush ambient pads and sound design. Ideal for murder mysteries, unsolved crimes, chilling thrillers and dark investigative programming.

Minimal Crime Underscores (10 tracks, 272 audio files,

Stripped-back true crime cues with an emphasis on lingering pads and drones, softly bowed strings and a slow, glacial pace that builds suspense and intrigue. Tender, delicate pianos, sinister dulcimers and minimal percussive work make these unobtrusive tracks well suited for true crime documentaries.

Americana Tension (19 tracks, 682 audio files,

Suspenseful, tension-building cues bearing the unmistakable hallmarks of traditional Americana. Featuring delicately strummed acoustic guitar, driving pulsing distorted electric guitars and sparse organic drum arrangements, these tracks evoke scenes of murder, mystery and intrigue in rustic America. Secrets, suspicions and suspense swirl in these otherworldly and at times ethereal underscores, making them perfect for true crime documentaries.

World Adventure (11 tracks, 464 audio files,

Each of these orchestral trailer tracks has a distinct world flavor. From erhus to kalimbas and log drums, kotos and shakuhachis, this album evokes far-off lands of wonder, adventure and intrigue. Cues are underpinned by massive pounding trailer drums and taikos, as well as ethereal female vocals and massive choir sections. Perfectly suited to travel or nature documentaries.

ALIBI tracks have been used in such notable reality TV and factual content as “American Song Contest” (NBC), “Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante” (Discovery), “Go-Big Show” (TBS), “Million Dollar Wheels” (Discovery+), “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” (Netflix) and “Locked Up Abroad” (National Geographic).

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