ALIBI Spotlight - Tim Hare, VP, Business Development

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Jonathan Parks

Your Role in 25 Words or Less

My role is to establish new methods of getting our audio assets to the market and innovating ways to satisfy our current customers.

Personal Mantra

Apply yourself and figure it out.

Favorite ALIBI Site Tip

The Power Player is your friend! Everything you need for the track – stems, alt mixes, track details & composer/publishing info – is in there. Just look for and click the lightning bolt symbol to the right of any track.

Your Start in Music

I began playing bass for different bands at 16 before getting into touring production for major artists (Wiz Khalifa, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Foreigner), work that had me on the road extensively. In early 2015, I got my start in production music at a small library, where I was taught every facet of the business. I have worked in production music every day since then.

Something Surprising About Your Work

I spend a lot more time working with and discussing technology and data than music.

Coolest Part of Your Job

Working with our team. We have a great camaraderie that feels like a family. The support we give each other allows us to be innovative and take some risks that I feel strongly will be a massive boon for ALIBI in the near future.]

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

One of the biggest issues affecting our business is the value of music in a digital world. Technology has made access to music easier than ever, but it’s had a major impact on how people perceive both its value and the time it takes to create a piece of music.

Favorite Musical Artist/Act

The band Queen.

Instruments Played

I play bass/guitar/piano/synth and have written a few pieces for chamber and full orchestra.

Random Non-Work Fun Fact About You

While I was touring in a band, I lived in England. And now I drink tea, love Indian food and avidly watch Everton. Got that, mate?

Creative Call-Out

I’ve just finished composing an album called

for ALIBI. It’s my first full album and music I’ve always dreamed of making, so I’m very excited about it!

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